Mission Statement

The Department of Mathematics embraces the general mission and goals of both the University and the College of Arts and Sciences. Accordingly, its operations derive from these roots, especially in providing the student with the tools for lifelong learning.

The language, structure, beauty and utility of Mathematics are as important in the General Education curriculum as they are for the curricula aimed at the minor and major in Mathematics.

Our goal is to equip our graduates with the tools necessary to participate fully in a technological society in a competitive global environment.

Accordingly, the specific mission for the minor in Mathematics is to prepare a student to understand the foundations for the immediately applicable Mathematics – Calculus, Linear Algebra and certain Applied Mathematics disciplines, while the specific mission for the major in Mathematics is to produce a well-trained mathematician capable of both research and teaching in general.

In particular, a Howard University trained mathematician must be comfortable when employed as an actuarial scientist, a computer scientist, or a mathematician/researcher in schools, government or industry.

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