Graduate Program

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Core graduate courses

Core course groups

Group 1:
  • Introduction to Analysis I (MATH-220 / MATH-195)
  • Introduction to Analysis ll (MATH-221 / MATH-196)
  • Introduction to Modern Algebra I (MATH-208 / MATH-197)
  • Introduction to Modern Algebra ll (MATH-209 / MATH-198)
  • Introduction to Complex Analysis (MATH-185)
  • Introduction to Differential Geometry (MATH-186)
  • Probability and Statistics (MATH-189)
  • Introduction to Number Theory (MATH-184)
  • Introduction to General Topology (MATH-199)


Group 2:
  • Algebra I (MATH-210)
  • Algebra II (MATH-211)
  • Real Analysis I (MATH-222)
  • Real Analysis II (MATH-223)
  • Topology I (MATH-250)
  • Complex Analysis I (MATH-229)


Group 3:
  • NumberTheory I (MATH-214)
  • Applications of Analysis (MATH-224)
  • Complex Analysis II (MATH-230)
  • Functional Analysis I (MATH-231)
  • Algebraic Topology I (MATH-252)
  • Algebraic Topology II (MATH-253)
  • Differential Geometry I (MATH-259)
  • Differential Geometry II (MATH-260)
  • Partial Differential Equations II (MATH-237)