Organizational Unit and Committees

Mathematics Department Organizational Unit and Committees

Office of the Chair

  • Chair: Dr. Bourama Toni
  • Associate Chair for Faculty (ACF): Dr. Roberto De Leo
  • Associate Chair for Scheduling (ACS): Dr. David James
  • Scheduling Assistant to ACS: Dr. Senhuei Chen
  • Grants/Contracts Initiative Assistant to Chair: Dr. Katharine Gurski
  • Administrative Assistant (Temporary): Ms. Nia Rooney
  • Administrative Assistant (UG programs): TBA
  • Administrative Assistant (Graduate): TBA
  • Work Study Student Assistants (3): TBA

Undergraduate and Graduate Programs

  • Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS): Dr. Jill McGowan
  • Director of Graduate Programs (DGP): Dr. Henok Mawi

Appointments, Promotions, and Tenure

  • APT Chair: Dr. Alexander Burstein

Executive Committee

Executive Committee:

  • Dr. Moussa Doumbia
  • Dr. Katharine Gurski
  • Dr. Crepin Mahop
  • Dr. Henok Mawi
  • Dr. Jill McGowan
  • Dr. Paul Peart

Curriculum Committee

Curriculum Committee:

  • Dr. Samuel Hopkins
  • Dr. Yeona Kang
  • Dr. Crepin Mahop
  • Dr. Henok Mawi
  • Dr. Jill McGowan
  • Dr. Lifoma Salaam

Major Concentration Advisors

Major Concentration Advisors:

  • Pure Mathematics: Dr. Xingting Wang
  • Applied Mathematics: Dr. Yeona Kang
  • Actuarial Sciences: Dr. Jill McGowan (Interim)
  • Mathematics Education: Dr. Dennis Davenport
  • Pre-Medical Studies: Dr. Jill McGowan

Course Coordinators

Course Coordinators:

  • College Algebra I (Math 005/006): Dr. Lifoma Salaam
  • College Algebra II (Math 010): Mr. Prem-Raj Ruffin
  • Precalculus (Math 007): Dr. Demba Sy
  • Intro to Statistics (Math 009): Dr. Ahmed Mohamed
  • Intro to Data Science (Math 014): Dr. Moussa Doumbia
  • Applied Calculus (Math 026): Mr. Leroy Rowe
  • Calculus I (Math 156): Dr. Sankar Sitaraman
  • Calculus II (Math 157): Dr. Alexander Burstein
  • Calculus III (Math 158): Dr. Timothy Myers
  • Differential Equations (Math 159): Dr. David James

Math Tutoring & NEEL Fellows Coordination

  • Math Tutoring & NEEL Fellows Coordination: Dr. Lifoma Salaam

Senior Comprehensive Exam Committee

Senior Comprehensive Exam Committee:

  • Dr. Roberto De Leo (Chair)
  • Dr. Senhuei Chen
  • Dr. Yeona Kang
  • Dr. Cheikh Ndiaye
  • Dr. Xingting Wang

Colloquium Committee

Colloquium Committee:

  • Dr. Alexander Burstein
  • Dr. Roberto De Leo
  • Dr. Cheikh Ndiaye

Math Club/Math Team

Math Club/Math Team:

  • Dr. Jill McGowan
  • Dr. Samuel Hopkins
  • Dr. Louis Shapiro

Statistical Consultancy Unit

Statistical Consultancy Unit:

  • Dr. Saralees Nadarajah (Lead)
  • Mr. Malick Kebe (Fellow)

Scholarship & Hospitality

Scholarship & Hospitality:

  • Dr. Jill McGowan
  • Dr. Crepin Mahop
  • Dr. Francois Ramaroson

Math Newsletter

  • Math Newsletter Editor: Dr. Sankar Sitaraman

Department Website

Site Builders for Math Department Website:

  • Dr. Alexander Burstein
  • Dr. Roberto De Leo